Litter A

Almost four weeks old - and just gorgeous!!

The kittens are now almost 4 weeks old and they are growing sweeter by the moment. They are beginning to explore the world and training to be a good cat. See the new pictures of the kittens at the ”Available kittens” page.

Five healthy kittens growing fast

Gemma’s five kittens are now a little over 2 weeks old and their eyes have now open. They are growing fast and have more than tipple their weight. Gemma is looking after them well and she is constantly watching over them. If she feels the place of the kittens are too light or too noisy she will try to move the kittens to a better place. There are three boys; Alfric (ny22), Albus (ny 22) and Almo (n24) and two girls; Althea (ny22) and Aldora (ny22). Alfric and Althea have the best golden colors, but there is golden in all of them except for Almo.

Very sad news

Today the 14th of december we sadly lost one of Gemma’s kittens. It was a female golden kitten with a tabby pattern and the one I had expected to keep for myself, which made it an even more sad story. Yesterday when we took pictures of the kittens and weighted them, they all looked healthy and where very lively. This morning however I noticed that one kitten did not feed and did not make an effort to feed even when the other kittens where removed. I rushed her to the veterinarian when her state deteriorated and where she was given a saline solution and breast milk substitution. She was examined but no apparent illness was found. Not long after we got home from the vet she died.

All the other kittens are feeding well and all the time. Their bellies are round and they show signs of growing well. Gemma and the other kittens were also examined by the veterinarian. Gemma produce plenty of milk and the other kittens are growing well and are bursting with health. I may never know what went wrong with the one kitten, but I am sorry for the loss of her - a very beautiful kitten I would have loved to see grow.

6 kittens born today - december 12th 2011

Today Gemma gave birth to 6 beautiful kittens. The first two kittens arrived at 5:50 am, then one more came at 6:25, 7:15, 7:40 and 8:20 am. Gemma was a very competent mother and no assistance was needed. It was her first litter but she did GREAT. At no time were we worried about the delivery of her kittens or her well-being. This will absolutely not be the last time Gemma has a littter - she is a very good mother.

She is very protective of her kittens and we have not jet been able to make a total count of females or males and color determination is also outstanding. The kittens were weight and the following weight were found; 93, 79, 94, 103, 92 and 80 grams, respectively. We are now giving her some time alone with her kittens. Further information will come at a later time.

We did however manage to get the following pictures and video of the kittens.






Almost time - the 63th day has arrived

Gemma is now 63 days into her pregnancy - but there is still no signs of the delivery of the kittens. She has now gained approximately 1200 grams. She moves around with difficulties, but she does not seem to be aware of her extra weight as she still want to jump to high places (no longer a pretty sight) and play with her toys. We are very curious to see how many kittens there are and we hope the birth will proceed fine.
IMG_1264 IMG_1227

Less than 3 weeks left

Gemma has now gained 600 grams and there are still approximately 19 days left - It will be exciting to see how many kittens there are. She is having trouble with jumping to high places and the elegance in her moves have disappeared.


We expect kittens in the middle of December

Gemma shows signs of being pregnant and so we wait…..

Gemma is home again

Saturday the 16th of October my husband and I once more began our journey to Ibbenbüren, Germany. We stayed at a hotel in Melle very close to Ibbenbüren and Sunday late in the morning we drove to Gaby’s. We were very glad finally to be able to pick up Gemma, as we have missed her immensely.
Gaby had taken very good care of Gemma and she seemed to be enjoying the company of Baikal even though she no longer was in heat. The mating between them had proceeded fine and now we hope that Gemma will get the most beautiful golden kittens around the middle of December 2011.


Gaby is a very experienced breeder and she had a lot of good advice and a bundle of knowledge concerning breeding and the golden color in siberians. I have learned so much in the two visits to Gaby and for this I am grateful. Gaby had a very beautiful young boy (approximately 7 months), Mischa that was simply gorgeous - so affectionally and social. I think my husband was a little afraid that the transporting cage was too big - as Mischa was looking for a home….


Around 12 o’clock we said goodbye to Gaby and started the long trip towards little Denmark.

It was good to be home with Gemma. We cannot help looking at her and think … is she pregnant? How many kittens are there going to be? The house will be full of life around christmas


Gemma is visiting Baikal

Gemma had started her heat saturday morning the 8th of october and we quickly made the arrangement for Gemma to visit Baikal during the following day. We started our journey to Ibbenbüren, Germany sunday morning at 7 o’clock. We made few stops but the traffic was heavy so we did not arrive until 15.30 at Gaby’s.

Gemma was very timed following the long journey in the car and so she was not in the best of moods. Baikal did however find her interesting and was very patiently with her. He was the true gentleman as he in the beginning left her alone but all the time stayed close by. Gradually, Gemma started to relax and show some interest in Baikal. By the end of the day they had started to show real interest in each other. The mating has had a very promising start and we hope to be able to pick Gemma up on the following sunday.

It was great to finally meet Gaby after all the mail corespondency that we have had in order to arrange the mating of Gemma. Gaby has a lot of experience with breeding golden kitten, and have at the moment the most gorgeous three golden kittens from Bailkal. Among many thing we talked a lot of the golden color and how to judge the very young kittens. I learned a lot from Gaby about breeding, the golden color and what to be aware of when the kittens come.

I know Gemma is in good hands with Gaby. The family and I do however already miss her and finds it odd that she does not come running when entering the house or keeps us company during the daily routines.


Male Siberian ny22 found for mating with Gemma

After a long search for a suitable male for mating with Gemma I have finally found him.
Gemma is going to Germany at the end of October and will be mated with World Champion Baikal Onix Gloria from cattery Spirit of New Heaven’s.
I am very excited with the mating as it is Gemmas first litter.
See under the section ”Kittens” for further details


It is not easy to find Golden Sib males

I have started to look for a male siberian cat for mating with Gemma - hopefully there will be a mating late fall/early winter