Home with Gemma Amavi*PL

We were very unfortunately as we had to drive home from Wroclaw in a snowstorm. This made the trip a lot longer than first calculated. We ended up spending 24 hours on getting home.
When we got home Gemma used the first couple of hours to check the house and settle in fine. She was a very socialized and affectionally kitten. We was so pleased. It was however some very nerving first days as we still did not know if my husband would react to Gemma or not - I must have ask him a thousand times if he felt anything. I had made arrangement of Gemma staying permanent with my parents in case my husband showed any allergy symptoms. I would still have taken Gemma to shows but I would properly only have been able to have one litter from her. It would not have been the same but I thought it was worth the chance. My parent would have loved to have Gemma - and I would not be surprised if one of her future kittens will go to them. It was fortunately not necessary - My husband has shown no allergy symptoms towards Gemma at all.


Picking up Gemma Amavi*PL

My husband and I planed to pick up Gemma at Patrycja’s the 28th of November 2010 in Wroclaw. We first drove to Berlin where we stayed a day and experience the city. Then we drove to Wroclaw where we stayed at a hotel outside the city and early the following morning we went to Patrycja’s. It was a very big moment finally to be able to see Gemma and pet her. She was simple gorgeous......Another thing that both my husband and I appreciated very much was to meet Patrycja. We had corresponded frequently but it was very nice to meet her in person. We only stayed for a short while but it is a moment we remember with great pleasure and only adds another side to starting my cattery. It has been an experience.


Choosing a SIB kitten

I found a very promising kitten, Gayatri with Patrycja Kubiak - Amavi*PL.
Patrycja was not sure of whether or not she would be of show quality, but she had another kitten, Gemma that was very promising. Patrycja took some very nice pictures of Gemma and within a very short time both my husband and I was completely in love with her. I then had regular contact with Patrycja and she kept me informed of Gemma’s development.

Enquiries at different catteries

I searched the internet for SIB breeders in scandinavia. I first had contact with Eva Gunnarson - Nikopeja’s Siberian Cats, but she did not have any kittens at the moment. She was however very helpful and offered to test one of the kittens in the next litter by the method Tom Lundberg had developed. I was however getting very impatient and would very much like to have a SIB kitten as soon as possible. I had already used 4 months on looking. Furthermore I had decided that I would try to find a SIB kitten with the color patterns of n(y)22, n(y)23, n(y)24 and Eva mostly had kittens with solid colors. I then had contact with Kristin Bolme - (N)Siberikos, that had cats with the color patterns I was looking for. She did however not plan a litter until the start or mid of 2011.

Looking for a SIB kitten

I used most of the spring and summer of 2010 to look for the right SIB kitten.
I wanted to have a siberian cat that I could use for both show and breeding as I could not expect to have more than one and in time perhaps two Siberian Cats due to my husband’s allergy. I had a lot of e-mail correspondence with Tom Lundberg (
Lundberg Siberians) with regards to a kitten with a tested allergy level. Denmark does however have some very difficult importing rules and large taxes for importing cats from the US - besides the fact that Tom had a very long waiting list for a low level Fel d1 SIB kitten. I gave up and began to look closer to home.

First interest in the SIB race

I first started to look for a SIB kitten after a friend told me that the Siberian Cat was a hypoallergenic cat race.
I have always wanted to have a small cattery but my husband was allergic to cats. We had however had my old female house cat living with us for two years without my husband experience any symptoms of his cat allergy. This gave me hope of perhaps one day to have my wish of a cattery fulfilled. I searched the internet for further information on the Siberian Cat race and its hypoallergenic capacity.