As its name suggests, the Siberian Cat originates from Siberia. It wasn’t until the 1980s that an organized cat fancy started to develop in the Soviet Union and the two breeds that instantly became the most popular were the Persian and the native Siberian.
The Siberian Cat is a naturally occurring cat, rather like the Main Coon, the Norwegian Forest Cat, and the Turkish Van. What all these cats have in common is that they are semi-longhaired, natural looking, and hardy - qualities that any cat needs to be able to survive outdoors in a country of a colder climate.
Since the development of the Russian Cat Fancy, the Siberian has been exported to various other countries including the US and Germany. The stunning Siberian is loved right around the world and is considered to be the national cat of Russia.
The Siberian Cats was first imported to Denmark in 1992.

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