My husband is allergic to cats. His symptoms when staying with a cat for a shorter period of time (6 hours) are itchy eyes, nose and throat. After a longer period of time (over 10 hours) it escalates to serve difficulties with breathing.

My husband has no response to Gemma or Althea, our Siberian Cats and we do not take any extraordinary precautions with respect to additional cleaning or exclusion from any room in the house.

If you have cat allergy or a close family member is allergic to cats we will insist on an allergy test visits in the cattery before purchasing a kitten. We will reserve the right to cancel an adoption or re-purchasing the kitten (described in the kitten contract) if an allergic reaction to the cat is seen within the first 2 years and you are not able to find another suitable home for the kitten. If asked for we will have the kitten tested for Fel d1 (at an additional cost).