Fel d 1 testing
A test for Fel d 1 has been developed and is described on the website KittenTesting.com. These tests measure the amount of Fel d 1 allergen in cat saliva using ELISA technology. The kitten can be test with the three-part test kit when it is 9-12 weeks old. Unfortunately the Fel d 1 test is very expensive and is not yet commercial available.

If you are looking for a Siberian kitten due to its hypoallergenic capacity please seek proper medical advice before purchasing a kitten. There are no guaranties that a low level of Fel d 1 is sufficient to keep you without symptoms.

Cattery visit
We offer an allergy test visits at the cattery to individuals who are allergic and considers adopting a kitten from us. The visit at the cattery will however be scheduled to fit our calendars.

Before the visit at the cattery we will send you a fur sample from the mother of the planned litter – the fur sample will be provided from the cat’s brush. Using the fur you test for a reaction by rubbing the sample on your face and wait to see if you experience a reaction – Remember to have your allergy medicine close at hand.

If you have had an acceptable reaction to our fur then you can go on to book an allergy test visit with us. At this visit you will meet the mother of the litter. You will be asked to hold the cat and put your face on her fur. The visit will be scheduled to a time when the mother is not pregnant. We allow one hour for an allergy visit. If you are going to react then you will probably do so in the first 15-30 minutes. However as the allergic reactions can occur later, we urge you to watch for allergic reaction over the next few hours after your visit.

We do charge for our allergy fur sample and test visit. These fees are payable in advance by paypal or in cash during your visit (only possible for allergy test visits).
• Fur sample posted to you – 15 €
• 1hr allergy test visit – 40 €

If you do visit us to test your allergies we recommend that you do not visit other catteries or touch any other cats and are without your allergy medicine for a one-week period. We can however not guarantee you a kitten even if you react favorable to our allergy tests.