DK Lendal Cattery is a very small cattery located at Roskilde, Denmark with only two fertile female cats. We are committed to breeding healthy and well-socialized Siberian kittens, and our adorable Siberian kittens will only be available occasionally.

We are members of Fédération Internationale Féline d´Europe (
FIFe) and Racekatten. Furthermore, we are a member of Paw Peds, a Swedish open-registry website, where the history of the pedigree cats, registry of genetic disease (e.g. HCM) results and education for breeders can be found. We support the great work that Siberian Research Inc, a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the research into the health of the Siberian Cat breed are providing.

We do not allow kittens from our cattery to be used in NEM-breeding or bred to other breeds or house cats.
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Site Map

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The Lendal Cattery, the vision for the breeding and pictures of a new enclosure in the garden
Vision - Cat Enclosure
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Interested in a beautiful SIB kitten? Then read this section
Kittens - How to Adopt?
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Description of the Siberian Cat race and history
Standard - History
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News from the cattery - please add comments or questions (UK/DK)
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Is the Siberian cat less likely to cause an allergic reaction? Read this section.
Cat Allergy - Cat Allergens - Hypoallergenic Cats - DK Lendal Experience - Allergy Testing
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Ask questions or get signed up to the waiting list
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Pictures and information on our adorable females in the cattery
Females - Gemma Amavi*PL - DK Lendal Althea
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Web links to organizations and other Siberian breeders